Reducing cost, improving safety & maximizing long-term outcomes

The Tremor Drilling Mast by The Dirt Doctor

Introducing the Tremor Drilling Mast

Maximizing productivity to get drilling done faster on construction jobsites

Drilling through asphalt, concrete, or rock is a slow and laborious process that causes a lot of expensive wear and tear on your machines, but it doesn’t have to be.

The Tremor Drilling Mast is a 12-foot mast with four 1.5-inch rods that easily drills through solid rock, allowing you to inject stabilization products into the sub-surface to remove water. It allows you to get the drilling done four times faster than if you use a standard drill.

Key Features

The Tremor Drilling Mast is an innovative product designed to change the way you drill.

It will help your crew work faster while reducing operational costs. On top of that, it keeps personnel to a minimum, maximizing the safety of your jobsite. Here’s how it compares to a typical rock drill.

Tremor Drilling Mast

Four Drilling Shafts

Allow for faster production.

Uses Fluid

Lower heat, less wear and tear on drill bits and shafts, as well as smoother holes, less dust, and less fuel consumption. You can use different fluids for different applications.

Comes in Various Sizes

Usually 12ft wide and 8ft tall, and can be easily transported by pick-up truck. It’s comparatively lightweight, weighing less than 4,000lbs, can be attached to any carrier machine: skid steers, excavators, bulldozers and trucks. It can also be powered electrically.

Typical Rock Drills

One Single Drill Stem

Only drills one hole at a time, making the process slow and laborious.

Uses Air

Equipment can get really hot, causing damage, as well as a lot of dust.

Heavy & Expensive to Operate

Inefficient use of your human resources with high operational costs.

The Tremor Drilling Mast has Unlimited Scope

Screenshot from Tremor Mast Demo video

The Tremor Drilling Mast was developed specifically to inject our soil stabilization chemical into foundations. It’s a corrosive soil stabilizer, which required a drill built from a special chrome alloy. As a result, it can handle a variety of fluids and be used for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Grout injection for sealing or raising building foundations.
  • Applying pest control agents in difficult to reach places.
  • Gel for sealing fishers or leaks in ponds and levees.
  • Gel or epoxy for securing steel to rock beds.
  • Injection of contaminated soil treatments.

The Tremor Drilling Mast can be utilized
in many construction sectors.

General Contracting

Excavating basements, sidewalks, & driveways.

Highway Contracting

Excavating road beds to grade, sloping banks, installing drains.

Agricultural Contracting

Breaking cock pans, building canals, securing levees.

Energy Contracting

Breaking overburden & coal.

Northern Contracting

Breaking frozen ground.

Gold Mining

Breaking permafrost.

Slip Repairs

Installing soil nails in hillsides.

Rock Quarries

Breaking stone & minerals.

Pipe Lines

Drilling for dynamite.