Reducing cost, improving safety & maximizing long-term outcomes

The Tremor Drilling Mast from The Dirt Doctor

Patented Earthwork Devices

Earthwork like you’ve
never seen it.

The Dirt Doctor specializes in soil stabilization beneath new and existing construction. We are using cutting-edge technology to change earthmoving. Our process combines an innovative chemical soil stabilization product with two patent-pending devices to change the way you work.

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A faster, cheaper, better way to stabilize earth

Innovative Soil Stabilization

The Dirt Doctor’s soil stabilization system is a technology like you’ve never seen before. This eco-friendly chemical soil stabilizer is a revolutionary product designed to reduce swell in clay soils. This system is key to protecting critical infrastructure such as homes, commercial buildings, highways, railways, and more.

With The Dirt Doctor, you can start earthwork without worrying that swell will damage foundations and structures. This type of damage is hard to predict and even harder to control, and it has the ability to add huge expenses to project budgets. Our process is designed to save time, improve efficiency, and improve safety on your next project.

Our Patent-Pending Soil Stabilization Devices

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Tremor Drain System

Normally, if you install a drain, you have to dig a trench, install stone, install a pipe, and then back-fill the trench. Not anymore. The Tremor Drain System is a series of steel tubes that screw together and can be installed with manpower only. It’s designed to compact the soil around it, lowering the risk of collapse. It’s a non-invasive method that allows you to inject sand directly into a sub-soil, allowing water to drain efficiently and safely.

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Tremor Drilling Mast

Drilling through asphalt, concrete, or rock is a slow and laborious process that causes a lot of expensive wear and tear on your machines. The Tremor Drilling Mast is a 12-foot mast with four 1.5-inch rods that easily drills through solid rock, allowing you to inject stabilization products into the sub-surface to remove water. It allows you to get the drilling done four times faster than if you use a standard drill, creating a more productive way to get work done.

Our Products Have Many Different Applications

  • New Building Construction Sites
  • Well Pad Construction Sites
  • Airport Runways
  • Parking Lots
  • Pools
  • Repairing Failing Foundations
  • Pipeline Construction Sites
  • Repairing Embankment Slips
  • Containing Erosion
  • Building Roadways

We’re Starting the Earthwork Revolution

Reducing Cost | Improving Safety
Maximizing Long-Term Outcomes

Our mission is to save individuals and companies time and money by providing soil stabilization solutions to all markets, while reducing the impact on the environment as much as possible and consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients and the industries we serve.

We combine innovation with technical expertise to meet the unique needs of each client, and we are committed to improving our product line by continually utilizing new technologies.

Expansive clay soils are the top cause of foundation failures in America.

Swelling clays are a very common problem. They can cause issues with foundations, structures, roofs trusses, concrete slabs, roads, rails, parking lots, pools, and much more.

Constructions stay stable only if the soil stays uniform. However, rain and irrigation introduce moisture, which can cause ground either side of the construction to swell, causing soil suction and thermal gradients that result in top-down cracking.

Meanwhile, if the soil dries or mature roots suck it dry, high moisture under a construction can result in bottom-up fissures.

Soil stabilization is the key to safe, stable, and productive construction projects.

We don’t need to tell you that moving unstable soil is incredibly expensive. If the soil with a high moisture content, you might expect to pay:

  • $75–$200/YARD
    Undercutting unsuitable soils, depending on the situation
  • $13–$30/SQFT
    Soil cement, which only penetrates the ground by a few inches
    Soil cement, which only penetrates the ground by a few inches

There are also a number of significant costs that go beyond dollars.

  • Only temporarily increasing the quality of the construction.
  • Compromising site safety and increasing accident opportunity.
  • Increasing the negative impact on the environment.
  • Increasing downtime and costs for other project contractors.
  • Adding many different machines and new workers to the jobsite.
  • Significantly increasing fuel consumption and blowing out budgets.
  • Creating challenging public relations issues in the community.

We can make sure your finished project stands for many years to come.

Our process achieves soil stabilization by significantly reducing the moisture content in soil. It makes clay particles stick together, creating a solid and stable layer in the sub-soil. It’s also eco-friendly, which means there’s no harm to the environment, and it has a 10-year guarantee.

Thanks to our two patent-pending products, the Tremor Drain System and Tremor Drilling Mast, it can be injected into the sub-soil at any depth without damaging the infrastructure on the surface. This is done with basic equipment and minimal personnel.

The Dirt Doctor has identified a better way to conduct earthwork, providing a stable construction platform for roads, industrial sites and buildings. We’re not talking about inches of soil stabilization, but feet upon feet of solid foundations for you to build on.

Our process eliminates the risk that water will compromise and efficiency of earthmoving projects in all contexts. It results in huge savings, fewer accidents, and peace of mind at the end.

Get your project on solid ground.

Our soil stabilization solutions are environmentally-friendly and consistently exceed the expectations of our clients. We combine industry expertise with cutting-edge technology and innovation to meet the unique needs of every customer.