Reducing cost, improving safety & maximizing long-term outcomes

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The Dirt Doctor is Founded on Innovation

We make earthwork simpler and safer with better results.

Our company started in 2018, but our key staff has been in the earthwork business for more than 20 years. They are successful entrepreneurs who have been searching for a better way to manage risk and improve long-term outcomes.

We specialize in analysis and planning. Our team consults on soil stabilization for a diverse set of clients, including businesses, industry groups, municipalities, and projects such as coal mines and pipelines. We are experienced in providing solutions to complex problems such as embankment slips, roadway repairs, erosion issues, foundation problems, and soil stabilization.

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Joe Williams, Owner

Who We Are

Benefit from 20+ Years of Earthwork Experience

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Joe Williams

Joe is an entrepreneur who has successfully built multiple companies from the ground up. First, he bought his own truck and bulldozer at the age of 26, eventually selling his business to Chesapeake Energy Corporation. Second, he founded Williams Excavating & Trucking LLC/Williams Water, which employs 25 people and has an annual turnover of about $6 million. Today, he’s committed to revolutionizing earthmoving projects east of the Mississippi River.

Our Patented Soil Stabilization Devices

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Tremor Drain System

This is a non-invasive method that allows you to inject sand directly into a sub-structure, allowing water to drain efficiently and safely.

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Tremor Drilling Mast

This device allows you to drill four times faster than if you use a standard drill, creating a more productive way to get work done.